5 Ways to Manage Energy and Self-regulation.

Managing your energy can be difficult when you have a demanding job or kids at home. To Manage Energy and achieve high productivity levels, you need to learn to manage your energy by practicing self-regulation.

In this blog post, we’ll give you five tips on how to manage your energy and practice self-regulation for a more productive life.

How Do You Manage Energy And Your Time

Energy levels are determined by the physical, mental, and emotional states of a person. If you’re feeling tired, this may mean that your physical energy is low. Other times, it could mean that your mental or emotional energy is low. Managing your energy is key to living a productive life.

Following are five tips to help you manage your energy and practice self-regulation:

How To Practice Self Regulation

The self-regulation process requires pausing between a feeling and an action, making a plan, and waiting patiently. Adults and children alike have difficulty with these behaviors. Self-regulation is crucial to living a fulfilling life, so it’s easy to see how self-regulation will cause problems.

Managing your energy is easier when you practice self-regulation. It means that instead of relying on willpower to keep yourself productive, you learn how to plan and give yourself the help you need.

You can do self-regulation by planning your day, setting boundaries for yourself, and following a routine.

What are Energy Drainers

We tolerate or ignore energy drainers because they are draining our energy. However, when you deal with energy drainers, which can be mental or physical clutter, you can recover the energy that is sapped from you.

A disorganized and cluttered environment.

When you are disorganized or have clutter in your home, you feel lethargic. In addition, looking for lost or misplaced items is a physically exhausting activity.

This natural ebb and flow are affected by several factors. You’ll need to consider your level of sleep, stress, physical activity, and what you eat. An energy-boosting meal or snack helps refuel your tank, making you feel more energized. Some foods, however, can sap your energy.

manage energy from energy drainers

When you’re feeling drained, it’s easy to recognize the energy drainers. These are things that distract or exhaust you and can lead to a lack of energy. Some examples of energy drainers include:

  • Binging on Netflix
  • Skimming through Facebook
  • Checking email for hours on end
  • Napping during the day
  • Daydreaming too much about the future

Deal With Energy Vampires

There is nothing more aggravating for an energy vampire than being outdone. Narcissism is an ingrained tendency of theirs. They are incapable of feeling genuine happiness for other people. Instead, they pull energy from others to satisfy their emotional needs.

  • Establish Your Ground.
  • Protect yourself. 
  • Hang out with 2-3 others. 
  • Listen to them.
  • Offer assistance. 
  • Stay on topic.
  • Minimize contact.
  • Let them go.

What are Energy Boosters

Most major diseases are accompanied by fatigue, such as heart disease, cancers, autoimmune diseases, and anemia (insufficient red blood cells). People often suffer from anxiety and depression in addition to fatigue. In addition, many medications cause fatigue as a side effect.

Being too tired can also be caused by not getting enough sleep. Make sure that you get enough sleep throughout the day. Getting too little sleep can exhaust you and make you yawn, feel sleepy, and become lazy all day. The body and skin will also be negatively affected by it.

The following are some energy boosters:

  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Eat breakfast to give your body the necessary fuel to get through the day.
  • Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day.
  • Take breaks when you need them.
  • Meditate or practice breathing exercises to relax your nervous system before starting work.


We all need the energy to function day-to-day. For some, it’s more of a challenge than others. But, there are plenty of ways you can manage your energy and practice self-regulation to live a happier, healthier life. To start, you need to understand your energy levels to identify energy drains and boosters. Then, determine what you need to help you manage your energy and practice self-regulation. You can’t control your energy if you don’t know how much you have.

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