What is spirituality and why is it important?


Have you ever wondered what prompts us to experience a serene calmness in our minds and hearts? Simple acts of Compassion, Kindness, and undying love towards one another. We live our lives according to these sentiments to enhance out spirituality

The question of spirituality is one that has baffled many for millennia, but in the context of our daily lives it becomes a powerful tool. It can help us reach higher levels of consciousness and connect better with the Universe around us.

By offering our acts to the world, we find a reciprocal fulfillment, which helps us see a greater purpose.
We feel our spirit embraced by a divine presence when we are one with ourselves, transcending human boundaries and rules.

Spirituality driven attitudes.

An individual’s spirituality is directly linked to their fundamental attitudes. In any human being, earthly wants, and desires hinder spiritual growth. It is necessary to accept the truth that we do not lack anything, be it sensory, physical, financial, or emotional, in order to fully experience spiritual awakening and conscious awakening.

Every sentiment conveyed in our daily life, whether given or received, is only complete if it’s genuine and originates from the deepest part of our soul.

Hardy Thomas

Once this profound state slowly starts to resonate in our life, every day, spreading within the emptiness in us, we manage to become unwavering towards any noise around us. We gradually adapt this emotion as our natural true self and we experience a higher level of intellectual conscience within our thoughts

So what does “Spirituality” signify

Traditionally, spirit is often referred to as ‘breath’ since spirit was translated as ‘spiritus’ in Latin, since God’s breath created life on the planet. Others associate it with the “soul”. All of them are valid in a sense. 

However, it is also important for us to understand that Spirituality implies harmony between the body, the mind, and the soul, and that it is rooted in the universe. The cosmic exchange of our breath occurs with every inhalation, while the cosmos draws us back into itself with every exhalation.

As you travel deeper, you realize its magnitude grows stronger. Obtaining a deeper relationship with the Spirit of Truth through mystical fascination and transcendental existence.

A Spiritually Awakened Person

The concept of spirituality has been undermined by many contrasting views and information. In today’s world, spirituality resembles a political conquest more than an enlightening experience. People who are Spiritually awake live their lives at a more noble and higher level. They experience a connection to cosmic energy that is unfathomable. The ability to distinguish the positive from the negative effects that happen within them. 

In ancient religious texts, this state was described as salvation or eternal consciousness. A state of mind that makes the spirit independent of the body by engaging the energy of virtuous awareness.

It is a virtue to be spiritual

Living a spiritual life puts one on a positive path in life. 

In the realm of Spirituality, negativity does not exist. As the saying goes, “Spirituality creates an ideal person out of a negative thinker. ” Spirituality is profoundly rooted in understanding the supreme energy and godliness of GOD. It teaches us that GOD inhabits every sentient creature in their soul. He guides their spirits to righteousness and engulfing them in an everlasting stream of life. In this way, spirituality enlightens one to realize the purpose of life. The highest level of piety does not necessarily imply spirituality as there is a large difference between being religious and being spiritual. 

Although religion has boundaries, the soul remains unbounded. Each aware soul has in life a clearly defined and discerned path. As they strive toward achieving their goal, they become unwavering and unceasing

Time measures the existence of sentient life, but a spirit is timeless.

You are welcome to join me on a journey of transcendental transformation from being a mere human with carnal desires to being a conscious sacred spirit.

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