How to Achieve Your Goals in 10 Simple Steps

achieve your goals

Don’t you hate it when you set a goal and never achieve it? It’s the ultimate let-down. To achieve your goals is no easy task. If it were, we would all achieve them with great ease.

However, many different methods can help you achieve your goals more quickly and efficiently. We all have aims we want to accomplish in life. For example, maybe you want to lose weight, find a partner, learn French or save money for retirement.

These ten steps will help you effortlessly achieve your goals, whatever you need to accomplish.

Set SMART goals to Achieve your Goals.

Setting your goals is the first step. To do that, you need to set SMART goals. It will help you achieve them without worrying or putting in the extra effort.

What does SMART stand for? 

  • S – Specific: What are you trying to achieve? Be specific and detailed. 
  • M – Measurable: How will you know when you have completed it? 
  • A – Attainable: Is it something that’s within your reach? 
  • R – Relevant: Does it have a real-world application? 
  • T – Time-bound: When do you want to achieve this goal? You can reach specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound goals if you set them.
Clearmind Set SMART goals to Achieve your Goals.
Set SMART goals.

Write down what you aim to achieve

Many people think that writing down your goal is just a silly way of setting yourself up for failure. However, it’s an effective way to get your plan stuck in your head. 

If you write down your goal, you are committing to it. You tell yourself, “This is what I want to achieve.” Writing down your plan also helps you see it from different angles. You can see what you’re getting yourself into. You can see if you’ve missed anything. You can see if you’ve included everything you want to achieve. 

Writing down your goal is a great way to start on the right track. You can always return to your written plan and re-energize yourself whenever you feel off-track.

Clearly define your outcome to Achieve your Goals.

Your goal should lead to an outcome. 

  1. Why do you want to achieve this goal? What do you want to accomplish as a result of this goal? 
  2. Why are you pursuing this goal? 
  3. How will it affect your life? 
  4. What difference will it make in other people’s lives? 

This is an essential part of setting goals. First, you need to know why you are selecting the plan in the first place. You need to understand what this goal means to you. This will help you find motivation and inspiration to keep going when times get tough. 

This is also how you know when you have achieved your goal. You know it’s done when it has made the difference that you set out for it to complete.

Create a plan and stick to it

Now that you’ve set your goal and you know what your outcome will be, it’s time to make a plan. Planning your goal is a significant part of achieving it. It would help if you had a plan of action.

It would also help if you had a way to get from where you are now to where you want to be. 

  1. Planning helps you stay on track. It stops you from getting distracted by other things. It lets you see what you have to do next and how you can do it.
  2. Planning also helps you stay accountable for your goal. When you have a plan, it’s easier to hold yourself responsible for it. This outlines what you need to do next and when you need to do it. 
  3. Planning your goal will make it easier to achieve. It will provide direction and purpose.

It will keep you focused on what you need to do next. You won’t be distracted by other things. Moreover, it will inspire you to keep going.

Celebrate milestones as you achieve them

Achieving your goal is a long journey. There will be many milestones you hit along the way as you go along. These milestones are indicators that you are on the right track.

These milestones are good opportunities to celebrate your progress and achievements. They are also great times to re-energize yourself and get excited again. Finally, these milestones are great ways to reward yourself for all of the hard work you’ve been putting in.

Seeing how far you’ve come and how much you’ve grown, these milestones are also important to acknowledge to continue moving forward. Finally, they are reminders that you are doing the right thing and getting closer to your goal.

Find accountability partners To achieve your goals

Holding yourself accountable for your goal is an excellent way to stay on track and achieve it. In addition, a partner can help you stay focused and motivated when you lose sight of your goal. Accountability partners are there to remind you of your destination when you need it.

They are there to support you and help you get back on track when you lose your way. A partner can also keep you on track when you need. If you need to report to someone regularly, you are more likely to stay on task and achieve your goal.

You will be better able to stay honest and accountable for your progress. It will also help you avoid procrastination. 

Having an accountability partner can be a family member, a friend, or someone you regularly interact with. It can be anyone interested in seeing you succeed and accomplish your goal.

Find inspiration and motivation.

Goals are great for setting you on the right path and getting you started on something. However, to keep going and keep your destination in the forefront of your mind, you need inspiration and motivation. What inspires you? What motivates you? What gets you excited about your goal? Etc.

Photo by Blvck Paris on Unsplash

Changing your settings

Take a trip somewhere new. It can inspire you to look at things in a new way by giving you a fresh perspective on the world around you.

Get a New Experience

Learn something new by stepping outside your comfort zone. Please find out about the music of 17th century Europe or pick up a star chart and discover our universe by learning ten words in a foreign language.

Vision boards are a brilliant idea.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Consider what you want in life and start picturing it. Next, gather pictures and words that depict this life and use them to create a vision board.

Explore New Creative Art Forms

Experiment with different art forms. Suppose you’re a writer, paint, and a musician, sing.

Jot down ideas in a notebook.

Note ideas in a notebook as they come to you. Though not revolutionary at the time, these ideas may prove inspiring in the future.

Learn about your craft’s history

Please find out how your creative craft originated, who the pioneers and greats were, and how it has evolved. The history of each art is full of inspiration.

Cherish your spare time.

Take your time. Allow yourself a day to do whatever comes to you. Inspiration can strike at the most unexpected time.

Experiment with new things

Routines are easy to get stuck in. Try something new by doing something you have never done before. If you break your daily routine, you will encourage the flow of ideas and increase motivation.

Don’t forget to breathe.

Breathing is an essential part of life. It’s also a necessary part of achieving your goals. But unfortunately, when you’re focused on achieving your plan, you can sometimes forget to breathe.

It’s easy to forget to step back, clear your mind and re-energize yourself. However, taking a few deep breaths helps you calm your mind. It allows you to get refocused on what you want to achieve. It also helps to relax you and release any pent-up energy and tension you may be holding inside.

Deep breathing also helps you to stay positive. It helps eliminate negative thoughts and emotions that stop you from achieving your goal. It allows you to see the positive in everything. It helps you to stay focused on what you want to achieve. It helps you to get out of your head.


There is no easy way to achieve your goals. It takes hard work, perseverance, and patience, and you will do well to achieve your goals.

So stay focused and hustle.

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