How to Get Motivated: A Practical Guide for Building Your Drive

Get Motivated

Have you ever thought about why you are alive? People spend the bulk of their lives seeking the meaning of life. Unfortunately, a lot of people fail to get motivated. People are often diverted from their purpose even when they know what it is.

Those who live with a sense of purpose tend to live more meaningful lives than those who don’t. As a result, you tend to live daily to the fullest since you know who you are and where you are headed.

You’ve probably heard the saying, “We are what we repeatedly do.” This means that our actions define who we are. Unfortunately, if we constantly do unfulfilling things and don’t meet our expectations, we will eventually become unfulfilled and unhappy. Fortunately, we can develop our drive and be motivated to live a more meaningful and fulfilling life. This article will show you what that is and how you can harness this ability to positively impact your life.

What is Motivation: How can you get Motivated?

Before we begin, let’s clear up some confusion: motivation is not the same as willpower. While self-control does influence our ability to achieve certain things, that ability does not come from within. With that said, we can still develop our ability to use our self-control better. That’s precisely what this article is about.

get motivated
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To initiate, direct, and maintain goal-oriented behavior. Your act is what inspires you, whether it’s to take a drink of water to decrease thirst or read a book for knowledge. A person’s motivation is driven by biological, emotional, social, and cognitive factors.

How do people become motivated? Various factors may contribute to motivation, and it depends on an individual. 

  • Influence, power, and fame are a few examples.
  • Self-mastery and growth are also essential. 
  • A sense of approval is also essential.
  • Competitive nature is also essential.
  • Social interaction is also crucial.
  • Financial reward is also essential.
  • Drive is essential.

What Motivates You?

Learning how to get motivated is understanding where your motivation comes from. This will help you identify what needs you need to be inspired and what needs you need to set aside. Let’s use the example of a student who is struggling to get his homework done. He has no interest in taking the assignment home with him. However, he never finishes his task and always brings a B

Motivation for self-mastery – the desire to grow and develop – is clearly a phenomenon for some people. They make it a part of themselves. A strong desire such as this can drive you toward fulfilment. However, you have to go out of your comfort zone and take a certain degree of risk.

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There are ways and means you can get motivated 

  • Be motivated and manage your time! 
  • Clearly define your goals. 
  • Be inspired. 
  • Celebrate your successes! 
  • Stop striving for perfection. 
  • Make smaller “to-do” lists.
  • Set priorities.

How to Build Your Drive for Meaning, Purpose, and Value

That student needs to be motivated to do his homework. The first step is to identify what motivates him. If he likes to show off his high grades to his friends, he needs to find a way to be motivated enough to sit down and finish his homework. If he doesn’t like the assigned work, he doesn’t need to do it. However, he needs to find something that he wants about doing the work that can serve as a path to motivation.

The purpose of your life is the driving force behind your life-the reason you wake up every day. Life decisions are influenced by definition, behavior is shaped by purpose, goals are shaped by sense, and life is given meaning by purpose. Meaningful work is perhaps the most essential aspect of the purpose for some people. 

Manifest your belief: Simply get motivated

That which you think, you become. It may sound simple if you are already familiar with manifestation, but how often do you live by it?

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It might be wise to reflect on what you are manifesting at this very moment. Observe everything around you and your experiences.

By moving past the belief that we are already creating what we see, we can now think we can change that which is manifesting.

Concentrate on the feelings and get what you want by feeling optimistic about it, feeling good about having it, feeling good in your body and mind.


Motivation is the ability to sustain a level of interest in a task and continue pursuing it when it is not immediately rewarding. Motivation keeps us striving when everything else is against us. Although closely related, it is different from willpower. 

Conscious manifestation is a great way to learn about who you really are, and it’s great for personal growth. You will also realize on a deeper level than all those experiences were really created by you once you master them.

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