How to attain a Transcendental Mindset


A Rewarding Mind

The most rewarding transcendental mindset experience is when we feel like we have just conquered life itself. However, in such a situation we endure every moment assuming that our lives make us singly accountable for its consequence and our words and deeds are of our own doing, without being judged for any outcome or face any discrimination.

Lets us pretend that we are living in a big void. A place that doesn’t beget any connection with a supreme entity.
Assume for a minute that God doesn’t exist! Does it mean that we automatically cease our connect with the universal power? Will we be devoid of any sentiment or compassion? Are we then unaccountable for our carefree actions? No, in fact, its quite the opposite. We do exist because of a higher authority governing the transcendent expanse of the cosmos.

Transcendental Mindset
Believe in yourself

We are energy with a Transcendental Mindset

We are energy in its purest form. When our journey ends, we relinquish it back to whence it originated. Still, life has gifted us with the ability to transfer our essence to the future generation.

This beginning of this awareness, in essence, can also be defined as the sanctifying freedom from our mental degradation because of gratifying emotions such as self-love and compassion. We do believe that it is important to take time out of our busy lives to do something that is both relaxing and physically challenging, thus replenishing our inner energy source. That makes our mental state all the more important to be focused on. Especially keeping it in a good state of being alert and mindful.

Transcendental Mindset: a State of Mind

If we don’t acknowledge anything about life after losing ourselves in it, then there’s no way those memories have been relevant or meaningful to us in any way, anymore!
Mastering simplicity will have a profound impact on our life helping us to learn to let go of everything than what’s vital to our being. Hence we must begin to let go of emotions that act as baggage in our lives reminding us of the past.

We can achieve such a transcendental state of mind by believing that our inner potential aligns with universal energy. We will realize that everything around us is just pure energy with a conscience. The many concentrated energies around us make the perfect impenetrable balance throughout the physical and astronomical expanse, in and around us.

We will learn that our thoughts followed by our actions are forces that have an adverse influence on the energies we surround ourselves with. A moral sense of right and wrong becomes a parchment of our behavior. Feeding the energy of positivity will help us align our thoughts to benefit our life decisions. Once we reach this state in life we will be able to unravel the power of our energy and spirit.

Smile is the doorway to happiness

The path is never easy, but walk the mile with a smile. We are bound to face hindrances and misfortunes on our road to realize a transcendent mind, most being mundane worldly distractions. Nothing is worth more than our happiness. We must learn to have absolute disregard for anything or anyone who is bound to steal that peace away.

Worry is a happiness killer

You will never be able to establish a good connection with your higher power if you do not master how to cease worrying.

To attain a transcendent mind one must be devoid of anything that causes a hindrance in achieving that. Worry is among the most powerful emotion which creates a ripple effect across the whole mental sanity, distancing oneself from everything harmonious to the mind. It is the progenitor of two disturbing effects namely stress, and anxiety.

So learn to let go of any lurking memory or hurt from the past which makes you angry or lost. Practice self-reflection methods and focus on areas of your interest. Divert your mind away from any stressful thoughts and start to have more faith in your higher power.

Focus on what makes you happy

Focus on activities that make you feel happy and content. let it be a hobby, a passion, or a profession. Self-discipline plays a very vital part in programming your focus, concentration, and your outlook towards tasks laid ahead of you. Practice gratitude in everything you say or do. 

Sometimes the boring tasks of the everyday mundane routine lifestyle may end-up damaging your connection with your immense potential. Unhappiness will have an adverse effect on your spirituality. Do something which you love doing every day and you will never experience a gloomy day in your life.

Release yourself from your own prison

Finally, we must learn to release ourselves from the prison of our past!

This is when you realize that all the confidence you could ever need is readily available by the connected energies within you and around you. You will experience a transcendental mindful state filled with exaltation and wisdom that you have never experienced.
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