How to overcome suicidal tendencies.


If you are experiencing pain right now and you feel like life is shutting itself around you, you are not alone. This pain may pose as devastating and continual at the moment, but in a matter of weeks, it will decline. Furthermore, there are methods to deal with self-destructive suicidal tendencies and embrace awareness to overcome the pain.

The most important aspect when dealing with Suicidal tendencies is to understand that suicidal tendency isn’t your fault. It also does it mean you are insane, demented, or flawed in any manner. External factors cause a result of conditions such as grief, vexation, agitation, restlessness, or mental illness. These emotions pave the way towards a high suicidal tendency in any individual

Affirmations of life one must always remember

Every individual is differently able to cope with the anxiety and grief they face in life. Every one of us has different circumstantial reasons which are also the reason our responses differ. But some of them lead us to suicidal thoughts and feelings.

Being brave and courageous to face life’s challenges and learning to handle situations of depression is vital in an individual’s spiritual growth.

suicidal tendencies
Live is worth living for
  • Live is worth living for: There are several feats you can furthermore achieve in your lifetime. Life is colorful.. a few gray clouds don’t diminish its worth and value.
  • Emotional balance: Indeed, as much as your capacity to experience happiness around you signifies, so is your ability to endure sadness.
  • Life is not always about you: One wrong decision can cause a ripple effect across the lives of family, siblings, relatives, friends, and sometimes even the society you live in.
  • Every day is a new start: We have days where we are happy and days which make us feel weary. Life is a mixed bag of emotions and as humans, we must learn to sail in all weathers of life
  • Embrace your gifts: We are all gifted with sensory organs such as sight, voice, smell, and hearing abilities. These can act as our go-to mechanism to fight depression.
    • Speaking our problems out
    • listening to others speak about their coping mechanism,
    • motivational speeches,
    • eating good food at restaurants with friends,
    • pursuing a hobby or passion, etc are pursuits one must get involved.

Why does one feel that Suicidal Tendencies are the option for their issues

Sometimes our mind tricks us into believing that the current pain and anguish are here to stay for a long time. 

The Decisions we make and the actions we take can create or destroy our life. a hasty decision is almost always a wrong decision. and in the case of a suicidal thought its completely incorrect. Try to bring in courage to push away suicidal thoughts from your mind. The farther you push suicidal thoughts the closer you are to becoming a stronger version of yourself.

Life has its means of inducing recommendations which are mostly positive in nature. It’s crucial you should bring in the time needed for the pain within you to recede and these positive affirmations of life to take a hold over your decisions. Stay Hopeful.

Almost every one of us is prone to undergo a self-destructive thought at least once in one’s lifetime. Even the most respected, and skilled personalities perhaps have also experienced pain and agony and have found themselves at the helm of a life-changing experience. Their existence is proof that agony and grief can be controlled and life be brought back to normal. Trust me when I say this, every individual has a sign of courage deep within them making them able enough to face death and beat it by taking a rightful decision. 

Hence learn to never give up till life brings a solution for you. And it will.

How to cope up with suicidal tendencies

When suicidal tendencies rise and you become captive to your thoughts, unable to think of a way out, always remember that there are solutions out there for your problems. it’s just that you aren’t able to see or reach it. 

If you don’t have anyone who can hear you out or perhaps give u an insight, perhaps a visit to the therapists can broaden your view of life and its importance. 

When it comes to others whom u confront having suicidal tendencies, it turns into a very difficult task to lure them away from their current state. Some may have a fleeting thought of committing the act but may not do it. 

The below characteristics can help you identify someone with suicidal tendencies

  • They normally start by expressing the desires of their death, either during conversations or via messages 
  • They normally feel like their purpose of life is over and there is no use living further.
  • They feel no fear and act cool performing daring acts. their body language will exhibit an emotionless state.
  • Threatens to hurt or kill oneself.
  • Attempts to access the means to kill oneself (weapons, medications, etc.)
  • they tend to be aloof from family, siblings, friends, etc maintaining a distance 
  • They feel that education is futile as their ambitions of life are over.

Therefore if you come across someone with a suicidal tendency and behavioral pattern you must take that persons next steps seriously, whether it is someone you know among your family, friend, colleague or the person in the mirror

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