How to tackle issues leading to Mental Resilience


Our lingering past: Mental Resilience

Let me begin by narrating a story to explain Mental Resilience

“Two monks were once traveling together down a slushy road. It was raining heavily. Coming around a curve, they witness a lovely girl wearing very beautiful attire, helpless to cross the junction.

“Come on, lady,” said the first monk as he lifted her in his arms and carried her over the muddy road to the other side.

The second monk, astonished, did not speak a word till they reached a lodging temple. Feeling very uneasy about what he witnessed he asked the first monk. “We are prohibited to go near women, even touch them, particularly the young and lovely ones. Why did you do that?”

The first monk in a calm voice, replied “I left the girl there. Are you still carrying her?”

Sometimes, many tragic experiences we may have suffered in our life eventually become the past. However, they remain lingering in our subconscious state causing agonizing pain every time they flash through our minds.

The emotional weakness of our spirit

No matter how strong and able we may think we may be, in the end our emotions turn weak for a moment where we aren’t able to step away from the anxiety and confusion it creates. We end up losing our own perspective about everything we try to focus on. This eventually turns into heavy baggage which we carry our whole life, unknowingly and unwillingly. Yet we become helpless to abandon our pasts that eventually weakens our mind and spirit.

Our life and our experiences constantly give a beautiful message of relishing the present. But oftentimes we end up making a stockpile of our past, holding onto painful recollections, failing to realize that we end up damaging ourselves and our conscious spirit of harmony. We eventually weigh ourselves down to the extent that the spirit remains in a constant state of exhaustion. 

We must recognize that in the end we keep hurting ourselves because of how people have behaved with us in the past.

The power of “Prayer” for Mental Resilience

“The more you pray, the less you’ll panic. The more you worship, the less you worry. You’ll feel more patient and less pressured.” 

Rick Warren

Unless we attain a state of mind where we fulfill love and contentment, we will always be resenting over and over again. Its time to realize the very strong support system within all of us that we fail to notice. The power of prayer

When we constantly indulge ourselves in the habit of praying, our inner voice speaks to us, via the Supreme Almighty Spirit. It encourages us to keep moving forward to overcome the unforeseen obstacles as they appear.

It isn’t in the make-believe well-articulated, silver-tongued words you express during church gatherings or when praying in a family or group wishing u would gain accolades. Nor it is about what or how u plead to the Supreme Almighty power. It’s just a mere conversation. 

Prayer is an act of worship that glorifies the Supreme entity governing the entire balance of the cosmos. It is the process of communicating with the very origin of our existence from whence the spiritual spring of our energy flows.

Practicing mindfulness

A very calm and productive approach to eradicate mental resistance is practicing mindfulness. As easy as it may seem it would take days, even months, working towards completely experiencing a mindful state. Though you may not be able to change radically how you feel inside, eventually you will experience a state of tranquility.

Most meditation techniques ensue a similar step by step rule to exercise mindfulness on a daily basis

You can follow the below steps to commence your journey. 
Before you commence remember to always have a sound sleep of a minimum of 6-8 hours

How to Practice Mindfulness
  1. Locate a quiet, less noisy place to either be seated or lay down. It can be a chair, a bed, or a lawn. The perfect time to practice in the early hours of the morning is between 04:30 am – 07:30 am. However you can choose an interval in the morning as per your schedule.
  2. Begin by following any 10 mins guided meditation music for starters, gradually increasing it to 15 and 30 mins as days progresses. (We shall be posting some on our youtube channel, launching soon)
  3. Meditate on your breathing, letting go of any wandering thoughts which develop in your mind. Attempt to feel the positive energy entering your body with each breath you take and dispel the negative thoughts with each breath that exits you. 
  4. Notice a pulsing white flame of positive energy building around you. Visualize this bright flame gently flowing through your entire body rejuvenating your energy. If your mind wanders simply focus back to your breath and this vibrant light. 
  5. When u sense confidence and peace within you slowly open your eyes to a brand new start of the day filled to the brim with positivity

If you practice this technique every day, you will forthwith notice great positive energy building within, ready to take on any challenge life serves you with a smile

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